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For Ag 999 coins created in the second half of 2023 according to NFT projects, you will also pay with NFT coins bought from "Globall Mint NFT"! 
                                                                               1 NFT project = $ 5 to $ 15 depending on the ETH rate.

"GLOBALL" is 3474 international NFT coins with a common Obverse for each country with a collector's non-payment face value, and a separate Reverse showing the national motifs of 201 countries and 185 territories of the 7 largest countries.

                             Do you know that a collector's prototype in the form of the NFT project for the first international money is already being created?
     The prototype of the international collector's non-payable money called "GLOBALL" is created by the Globall Mint NFT  Poland for the motives of each of the 201 independent countries recognized by all or part of the UN countries and for 184 territories, states, republics, provinces, administrative and autonomous regions of the seven largest countries world: Russia, Canada, China, the United States, Brazil, Australia and India.
    The common obverse of the coin shows a collector's face value, not payable.
A separate reverse, showing 9 motifs of each of the 201 independent states and 185 territories of the seven largest states.

Do you want us to put on the coins the national designs of your choice for the country you selected? 

No problem, we'll do it if all your country's coins have not yet been spent. 

     Your chosen design will remain forever on NFT and Ag x 1000 coins

Price - from 1 to 10 ETH depending on the country, denomination and content of the design. 

Please contact us by e-mail.



     - "Globall Mint NFT" - Mint for NFT
     - Official start of operations in 2023
     - For the first NFT projects, a promotional price 0.005 ETH

                                             - Name of the international coins: "GLOBALL"
                                             - Collector's denomination not paying: 0.01; 0.02; 0.05; 0.10; 0.20; 0.50; 1; 2 and 5 GLOBALL
                                             - The collection ultimately includes 201 countries + 185 territories = 386 x 9 denominations = 3474 unique 
                                                collector coins NFT

- Very low circulation - only 1.000 NFT projects for each coin regardless of the exchange and blockchain                                                                                                                       

- 3474 NFT coins issued systematically until the end of 2025
- Any other coin collection that is thematically identical or similar is a non-original copy of the
 "Globall" coins.


Choose any country or territory not yet issued on Globall coins and become the owner of the entire mintage for 50% of the price!
Prices vary by country, ask about the price of your country

                                                  Choose any country or territory that has not yet been fully spent on Globall coins and become the  
                                                  owner of the remaining mintage for 50% of the price!
Delivery time up to 50 days.


                    Do you want us to put on the coin the national motif of your country selected and indicated by you?
     - No problem, we'll do it if all your country's coins have not been issued yet. Your chosen national design will be on the NFT  and Ag coins.

Add 1- 10 ETH (depending on the country and design you want to put on the coin) and show us the national theme to be placed on your country's coin. It will be placed on a randomly selected denomination, or +1 ETH for you to choose the denomination yourself.

                                      Want to speed up the issuance of Globall coins for your country or region?

Add 1 - 3 ETH, select a country or region, and within 14 days your country or region will be on sale. 

                                   ATTENTION: copying, reproduction is prohibited by law. Designs include a micro watermark.

                                                                     Trade inquiries:

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